What Can You Sell In Your Cannabis Store Other Than Cannabis?

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Running a cannabis store can be really exciting. Your core products, of course, are going to be flower and various other cannabis products such as edibles and vape cartridges. But you don't necessarily have to sell only cannabis products in your cannabis store. There are some cannabis-adjacent products that may be worth keeping in stock, as they may draw in additional customers and keep your current customers coming back for more.

Smoking Paraphernalia

While there are entire stores dedicated to selling pipes, bongs, and bubblers, sometimes cannabis users just want to pick one up quickly without making another stop. So, if you offer even a basic selection of these devices, a number of your customers are going to be very happy to see them there. If you want to go above and beyond, find a local artisan who makes glass pipes and bongs. Feature their work in your store. Your customers will love knowing that their smoking items are locally handmade.


Everyone knows that smoking cannabis often leads to the munchies! You can save your customers a trip to the grocery store if you keep a few munchies on the shelves. Some cheesy snacks, chocolate bars, and chocolate chip cookies are all you really need, although you might as well offer a larger variety if you have the space to do so. You may even want to offer a free munchie with cannabis purchases over a certain size. This may encourage customers to buy a little more, increasing your sales revenue. 

CBD Products

In addition to offering cannabis flower and various THC-infused products, you may want to stock some CBD gummies and vapes. A lot of people like to use CBD for its benefits when they don't want the "high" effect of THC. Some people also like to keep CBD on hand since it can be helpful to moderate a high if they use a little more THC than they're comfortable with. There are tons of CBD-infused sodas, candies, and even topical products out there, so have fun and select a few that you think your customers will enjoy. Once you see how CBD products as a whole sell for you, then you can diversify a little, if desired.

Running a cannabis store can be a lot of fun. Of course, your main draw is always going to be your cannabis products. But there's nothing wrong with branching out a bit if you're in the mood to do so.


2 February 2022

More Than A Habit

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